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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

​As being a creative and leader brand ,vision of Kale Steel Door which is the creator and the most important brand of the steel door sector in Turkey is to perfectly provide “the security and quality” to its customers, to be always near its user also with its after-sale service, to continue to be a “leading door producer” with its production and sales volume and a creator of the “initials”, to continue to be a reference point in the major projects, to ensure that its users securely and peacefully close their Kale-signed “doors” which provide security in the highest level and which are the most difficultly passed through.

Our Mission

With our experience in the security field having been obtained for more than a half-century, our mission is to create difference with our products and services ahead of its time by always renewing ourselves, to create more secure and peaceful places by protecting our users against external world, to continue to be a firstly remembered steel door brand and to be a steel door brand of the mosts with its unique lock systems and cylinders by using the modern technology with the continuous development perspective.

Our Values​:

Quality: to aim at achieving “the quality is first” principle in each step of our products created with our R&D discipline and by depending on the “Quality isn’t a result but quality is a continuous seeking” principle.

Guaranty: to retain the usage life and durability of our products at a maximum level.

Security: to maintain our brand perception having the equivalent value with security.

Sustainability: to implement sustainable environment projects by working for the next generations within the framework of the universal values. 

Social Responsibility: to act with the responsibility awareness in the subjects of environment, training and health. 

Our Basic Principle: 

To contribute power to the world’s economy by abiding by the laws and moral values. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​